17 March 2011

Not For Your Eyes

You’ve kept yourself caged for so long
Giving nothing away other than noise
Sounds so silent to become lost
Gently caressing the lobes and creeping without notice
Blowing softly into my secret chamber
I’m sure I can hear your closeness
Hidden floorboards and pipes that rattle
Keeping you far away
But my heart won’t stop pounding
Closing you out as the noise fills my head
My lungs won’t stop breathing
Taking deep breathes that fill me completely
As if I’m there
I can feel your movement
Rhythmic intention and pounding frustration
Your bodies mirror each other in design but not form
Laughter of a cruel disguise

Interference gets in the way
Hassling the beauty of what is unfolding
Enforcing a law that does not exist
The wind can’t carry you away
But the rain can drown you
Throw yourselves into me again
Let me feel everything
Leave me wanting more and hearing voices
They just aren’t there
Moving quietly with deft precession
Find shelter from the want that cannot be
I seek the other ones
The ones that have freed themselves
The ones that are no longer caged
The ones that I can’t touch
The ones who don’t know me
Yet they are the ones that speak to me
The ones who know what grows in the pit of my stomach
I can hear them all too clear
But from a greater distance
That feels closer than your nearby cage

Imitation is always an option
But not one that fills the need
Leaving the emptiness of consumption
I yearn to see your dance
To write of what you do from experience
To keep the memory in a pristine picture book
That only I can see
Trapped behind my looking glass eyes
You claim to be free
But your freedom is a lie
It imitates the prison that I built without walls
The prison I loudly proclaim to be immaculately flawed

I see right through you…

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