28 May 2013

But What If

But isn't this what was always wanted
To be no more than needed
Never allowing oneself to be complete
Otherwise what would be the point

But we can't help but ask of ourselves
Why would someone do this
Not to someone else
For that would cross unspoken boundaries

But to themselves
Destroying every aspect
Every particle of being
Until nothing remained

But debris
Just remains of what once was
And then do it again and again and again
Without learning

If repetition makes no sense
An answer is in reach

21 May 2013


See infinity beyond probability
Never explain your lines
Never pretend to be a Woolf
You'll get found out

Stick to smoking on the sofa
Contemplate the next kick
Keep moving
Curbing an axis

Great liars with greater minds
Writing in riddles to hide
Sharing pain to keep it secret

The watch has ended
Lights flickering in change

The spirit cannot be hollowed
Not by the user and the habitual inhabited

Don't follow blindly
Dictate with ferocity
Write a map with ink not pencil
and follow it

20 May 2013

Keeping The Ground Warm

I rode the giant for far too long
Living larger than I should
All it took was one quick move
To shake me off
But don't fret
I'm down here in the dirt
The dust may be cold
But the ground is bountiful
I'll bide my time

When the worst becomes an option
Fill your pockets with rocks

19 May 2013

With All Possibilities Open

When all seemed lost
Was anything left
Breaking down walls
Burning the forest to the ground
Something is more
Someone to give hope
Anything is possible now
All routes are open
Talk of what can happen
Telling each finger tip
Taking hold

13 May 2013

Natalie Portman

She spoke to her through bones and skin
Legs across lips
Ever the temptress

Her silhouette a masterpiece
Framed by unnatural glow
The world living and breathing behind them

She knew what she was doing
Leading her astray
Pulling the leash
Blowing a kiss
Whispers escaping her mouth

Caressing her cheek
Beckoning closer
Feeling her lungs against hers
Biting her lobe to know that this is real

She could have sunk her teeth
Pierced her soul
Drank her in

Lips touching
Parting in sweet unison
Looking into each others eyes
Reading the unwritten
Finding the truths that can't be taught

The night is young

Two depart
Safe and aware
Believing in wrong doing
Walking a well known path

12 May 2013

Resetting Broken Thumbs

Painting with pixels and the alphabet
A blank canvas already full
The white light at the end
Tunnel vision that holds my hand

Racing thoughts and taking bets
Putting my money on the underachiever
Waiting for inspiration to push through
Taking the outside track

Victory is less than recognition
Yet just as tangible
Accomplishment gently caressing
Accountability not far behind

11 May 2013


Mountains keep stretching on
Diving and climbing
Peaks screaming through highs
Man made torn by nature

The valley has a rhythm
Watch me dance to it

2 May 2013

Waves That Cut The Air

Play faster
Play stronger
becoming the vigor you feel
being one with your own
smile ear to ear as they depart
Feel the movement of the strings
Feel the vibrations emanating
from the floorboards
moving through you
making you worship the air
Touch the hand of the architect
Touch the unseen leviathan
become one through contact
life altering before your eyes
getting sucked into unison
Bonded by a common thread
Bonded by waves