7 September 2011

Glow Sticks

Glow sticks instead of diamond bracelets
And borrowed cigarettes that calm the storm
Of the last shot

A tight dress with a zip that adds to the curve
Lipstick stained hand that holds my shoulder
As we talk about nothing

Sharing the pointlessness of this moment
And lost in false glamour with ease
A realisation begins to dawn

The dance floor whore is Queen

White Assassin

My head won't slow down
I'm looking at this page
Writing words
Trying to focus
But countless shots
And glasses of beer
And pints of cider
And bottles of wine
Keep reminding me
That there's too much shit inside
For me to just sleep
So instead I smoke
And I write
And I walk
And I browse pointless shit online
Anything for a distraction
But I won't worry too much
I'll be asleep soon
And regretting it all in the morning.

Reflections of a 26 Year Old

I look through the mirror and wonder at what I see
Staring back at me through tired eyes
And wearing skin

I write words on mobile phones and I can't help but think
Am I as fake as I feel

Does my incessant need to explore the depths of this
Constant aching husk mean anything
Is any of it real

I write in scattershot day dreams to see what sticks
Probably 10% of it is okay

I'm ageing... I can feel it creeping in from the gut up
Doors keep on closing but in their wake there remains
The few unopened

I write about these few remaining paths
Out of desperation

Perhaps if I owned a typewriter or a little book
I would feel more secure

Summer Life

Walking outside barefoot after a summer shower
The brief glimpses of sunshine had warmed the ground
Still wet and with the sun breathing more into it
The ground felt alive with blades moving between my toes

I breathed smoke as insects danced through untold rituals
Holding celebrations through the light and shade
Flying fast like shooting stars of a microcosm

The sun shines again to bliss everything
Remind us that it's still there
Burning an infinity away
Making this little garden
A paradise of existence

Shopping List

Headphones in my ears on an empty train
Fried toast made by someone else
Money I didn't know was there
A smile from a stranger
An unexpected conversation
Fucking for breakfast
And blow jobs for dinner
Cartoons on TV
A book I haven't read before
But will again
Meeting someone I know
But who doesn't know me
All of this and more
And words on a page