24 February 2011



during our brief glimpse of summer
when the sun beat down
and the winter air calmed

The White Stripes played
slightly left of centre
Roaring through brash lo-fi's and highs

I was 16 again

for one brief moment

15 February 2011


Inflicting your radiant light obsessed with colour

in the best way possible

Piercing irises needle deep through pupils

The warmth of your glow breaches every pore

even in darkness

The security of your womb

The enticement of your breast

You howl as if we were the moon

rabid barking chasing us out of our homes

We hear your parables spoken in tongues

You shout louder than anything else

echoes that pain our ears

filling silence with silence

forever on repeat

Our lives are meaningless without you

You preach the words we need to hear

and guide us when we are lost

Without you we have only ourselves

and the words of artists and madmen

The fear of losing you both grips us

squeezing the wheeze from our lungs

freeing us from your grip

We must remain devout

We give praise in our dances and celebrations

sacrificing all to keep you alive

To feel your warmth

We’ll cut our wrists and let our lives bleed

sticky through our fingers

We scream your words from our chests

until our lungs are raw

for all to see

The infidel will reject you

The wise will oppose you

The devout are forever lost

bound by artificial unification

13 February 2011

Acapella Wasteland Mob

The noise unbearable

The rabble despicable

Loathingly encapsulated and enveloped

Lost in your pointless noise

What is there to say that you must shout so loud

Your words lack any meaning and betray your camaraderie

The bleating blotches the landscape

Draping it in meaningless colour both

of absolute whites and desolate blacks

Yet you force your white noise upon everyone

intoxicated to the point of despair and futility

The sound innumerable

The flock unclean

I despise your existence

I yearn for your demise

If your words mean so much then you must contemplate

Steady your resolve and find a reason to be and meaning in


The realisation will become your own kick

Scrape your mind from the highest ceilings of low basement highs

in doing so find more, find better, find purity

Release yourself from the prison of your own design

11 February 2011

Alpha Waves

Intertwined and interconnected
Everything is one yet
somehow not

We accept what is there
Believing what we
- see
- touch
- hear
Having faith in the juxtaposed opposition
that brings these senses to us

In passive beauty we accept
all that is there
waiting to be consumed

There is both a truth and a hypocrisy
waiting to be unravelled
Questioning the why
decimates the beauty.

In bliss we will find ignorance

The After Thought

Arriving with greater force
than ever imagined possible
The feelings felt so familiar yet different
You should have expected
everything that was to come and
my expectations that it would be different than the first
were deluded and should have been
put to rest the moment they birthed

Ponderings of why and for what reason
The need for questioning
Somewhat pointless and contrived

A need to feel some pain
In doing so
A need to share unwillingly
Regardless of feelings of spite
there exists a deeper concern over what
could be

With infinite possibilities
the reasons for these parameters
continue to evade comprehension
Yet the cycle is a necessary motion
its beauty exists in its actuation

Accepting that there is nothing left to lose
That even in the darkest of depths
being lost can have its own comfort
the lost will truly evolve
into something greater