27 June 2013

Two Hands

The rot has well and truly set in
Yet I find myself energised
Filled with a desire for strength
To fight a good fight
To have something to die for
To have a goal to champion

Somehow I can't shake the feeling
All that I am is a sense of desperation
Trying madly not to lay waste
To hands of a faulty clock

There has to be better
Engagement with a worthy challenge
Pushing myself to find new limits
Reason to break a sweat
Reason to mend a broken back
Reason to rebuild slack muscles

When I seek peace at night
Dread grips the fabric of my being
The inescapable fear
That I can't destroy that infernal clock

I'm still letting time win
In many ways I always will

25 June 2013

It's Only Arson

I could spend an eternity
Contemplating it all
I always come back to one notion

When everything has been turned
Twisted and romanticised

I would never pass up a chance
To burn everything you are

All that you stand for

Until you are nothing but ash
Dancing in the breeze

18 June 2013


Slipping ever further
Splints giving way
Shadows clawing at my feet
How can it be possible to fall so far
To think that you've seen the end
Crashing through barriers
Seeing into the deepest depths
Bruised blues turning to black
How can I heal
When I keep kicking myself
With little to fight back with
I can't help but wonder
What's next
Cheer me on

15 June 2013

Dead Bonfire

A glimpse of creation
Purest energy igniting the air
Catching kindling in a hurry
Licking limbs in good time
Flames that grew
Birthed by betrayal
Sewing seeds of doubt
Eventually stoking the fire
Then fanning the flames
Of discontent