22 August 2013

An Idea

Kindness that slept in her eyes
Movement through waves that scream
A presence like no other
There but never invasive
Comforting with a breast to sleep on
Enticement without confusion
Above the sheets
Becoming lost in her moment
Losing myself simultaneously
Struggling to breathe
That perfect silhouette that excites me
An eagerness for something more
Patience in knowing that we can wait
Creating old theories on what is right
Giving up my secrets in cautious trust
Feeling something real
Protecting the fragility of an idea
Defending the belief comes easy
Only words and my world dissolves
Self made iron bars fall away
As goals become clear
The alignment of the self alters
I'm hungry for less because I want more

7 August 2013


Back to the wall
Wolves at the door
Terror gripping my stomach
Twisting my spine
Considering the wrong way out

There has to be another way