19 November 2014

Holding Hands in Different Scenarios

Constantly late when I'm running early
Try to read a little and get lost in
Awkward fantasy requiring eyes closed
Most of the way and a bag to hand
Feeling more or less vividly

Teenagers always have everything worked out
Perfectly down to every futile detail
Wonder if they'll look back and cringe
Probably not

Smiled at the girl with headphones
Got a smile back
Always intrigued to know if a little narcissism would help
Feel sick just picturing it
No smile back today

Close eyes a little less to visualise
Which feels somewhat pointless
Get excited considering a coffee
An obvious distraction

From a Canadian prospective the venue is
Less than innocent which seems odd
Hear the words and feel the movement
Looking into her eyes
Holding hands

18 November 2014

Quite The Opposite of Adrenaline

It doesn't comes close to making sense anymore
I've gained so much of myself that reality has become
So far to be much of a nothingness
I can't wish my pain upon anyone
Trapped within the prison I erected with glial
My own personal glory box
Fucking everything without discretion while
I hide myself away from it all from everyone
To keep myself on the fringe
Comfortable yet in agony
Loving and dreading the attention
Purchasing an early bird ticket
One day I'll have dim lit quiet spaces
To myself and those of my choosing