28 December 2012

Glass Fingers

This bell keeps ringing in my ears
Echoes crashing through the trees
Breaking already broken branches
Sending me to familiar landscapes

Answers left unquestioned in turn
Pressing questions feel redundant
That rarest of smiles keeps repeating
Detachment is back in style

Just call me glass fingers
When everything fragments
Keeping pockets full to bursting
Shards of everything else

The old and the new united

7 December 2012

Nothing From Something

Skin burning fire waiting to break through
Sickly aches bubbling away washing machine
Brow furrowed adding to the splendour
Bleeding loss stuck pig of the roast

The artless has spoken in turn

No fingers left to hold slipping constants
Unintended dream for clouds and the birds
Pinching the heart when least expected
A mind that won't stop working
Ifs and buts and unending possibility
Slumber always takes advantage

Distraction is king
The king is dead
Long live the king

Fucking the princess to waste away
Nothing can compare
Preacher's can burn

Everything and anywhere

5 December 2012

Bruise Coloured Ink

My face scraped the sky
Blue with depth unseen
Stapling wings to my back
Achieving nothing close
Past glories are out of reach

Forward movement is key
I've gotten old sick and tired
I want to be battered and bruised
While I watch you walk away
Unheard words filling my head

Watching my pocket grow small
Head shrinking at my own hand
Eyes scarred by the artless
Exploration is the answer
I will strive for more

3 December 2012


The long drive on a road with no form
Lines that curve into intrepid intrigue
Bathed in natural neon glow
Skin an unequalled vessel
Exploration of old territory in good faith
Finding electricity that dances in time
Glow of a clock that no longer needs to be

The route ceases to be as new paths birth
Creation from a desire for the subsequent
No concern for the consequence
The road ends out of choice
Yet there is more journey to come

Discovery achieved with tongues
Lips moving with familiar purpose
Sleep has never been real
Warmth of a dying engine
Explosions in the sky
Movement on the ground

10 November 2012

Teenagers Don't Exist

When you were where I wanted to be
If things could be different

You would be in my arms always
Making me feel something old and new
Dancing like no one is watching us
Talking until the early hours
The strongest connection to reality

Feelings of being left alone in the dark
Fading like a distant memory

You can challenge me to a duel of tongues
Mixing the mind into a pure delight
I'll push you further because I love you
You'll push me because I need it

Music can be our pathway
Literature our vessel

To hold you close would mean feeling
Joining together we find more
To just be together would be bliss
You'll never truly be mine

23 October 2012

This Truth Proceeds a Lie

I find myself accelerating through blue and yellow vapours accented by something sharp
As wire frame dreams cascade past me and the crescendo draws ever nearer
Light dances off the darkness playing with my eyes as the rain casts a veil
Moving ever faster making nothing seem of consequence
The world wraps itself over and holds me close

As the moment passes I begin to slow and remember myself
We're back to a steadier pace now and that pain is back again
The light still reflects the dark smothered rain
My lies hide behind real truths that are only meant to be whispered alone
All there is left is to fight forwards and try to see another day

26 September 2012

Three Suns

Two burning stars orbit a blue world surrounded by darkness
Both stars give but in different ways
The yellow star gives to the world experiences
Thoughts and feelings that are hard to come by
Bliss, pain and passion in the same breath
The red star is ever hungry
Yearning to be fed by the blue world
It yields its own delights
The world feeds it with the fruit from the yellow star
Fruit that has been twisted and realigned
This pleases the red star as it grows
The blue world salivates for the yellow stars bounty
Yet the red star feeds the blue world something new
Something that builds an unquenchable need
The blue world has to shy away from the yellow star
Full of its fruit as it feeds the red star
The blue world has begun to grow
No longer a small celestial body
It has begun to grow wings
Sprouting from curious desire
Brought forth by the red star

Then the change came

The wings of the blue world caved in on itself
Enveloping it and caressing its insatiable hunger
The blue world began to birth
As the change unfolded
The blue world became a star of its own
A shining bright blue star
Big enough to dance with the yellow star and red star
The dance continued until the blue star could dance no more
It simply sat between the red star and the yellow star and grew
It grew until it could grow no more
Until it dwarfed the red star and the yellow star
And then silence

Then another birth

The blue star consumed the yellow star and the red star
Absorbing them at an alarming rate
The blue star began to tremble
Full of all it could ever consume

Then the end came

A dazzling explosion of white that filled the darkness
As the blue star died
Shooting in all directions
With one goal in mind

To share all that it was, is and will be

6 August 2012

Aligning A System

With the planets in place and a rhythm set
Things felt wrong and out of place
Moving in close an armour developed
A shell that encased and protected

Smothering and suffocating with love
A lack of trust evolved with regret
Sensing betrayal this was all
All that could be done

The planets are sitting optimistically
Allowing the river to run free
Flowing unhindered
Never halted by the path set

I set myself free by removing myself
Keeping away from the centre
Basking in hidden warmth
Love me

31 July 2012

Moments Like These

That first moment is over too soon
Where breath is drawn in deep
With the one that holds the key to the world
For a connection without parallel

Then artists or perhaps engineers play
True to a natural calling, want and need

Forced through with a scream of release
Letting it all fall apart through gripping tension
The last moment that holds on forever

5 January 2012

All Roads Lead to Eternity

It could be possible to live forever
But who would truly want it
With heart and soul in unison with mind
Ideas holding hands with ideals

Learning through experience of loss
Because support doesn’t always spring
From the places you expect it to
And rarely from the right person

If lies were tarmac then dreams are road markings
Lines to keep you from swerving into the unknown
A true path into the great void
Oblivion grinning through desperation at the end

Someone once told me that all roads lead to fault
That the path of self-destruction was assured for everyone
No birth rights or class standings can escape from this
Inevitability is ultimately all you can rely on

An end is the peace we seek
The road itself is nothing more than semantics