26 September 2012

Three Suns

Two burning stars orbit a blue world surrounded by darkness
Both stars give but in different ways
The yellow star gives to the world experiences
Thoughts and feelings that are hard to come by
Bliss, pain and passion in the same breath
The red star is ever hungry
Yearning to be fed by the blue world
It yields its own delights
The world feeds it with the fruit from the yellow star
Fruit that has been twisted and realigned
This pleases the red star as it grows
The blue world salivates for the yellow stars bounty
Yet the red star feeds the blue world something new
Something that builds an unquenchable need
The blue world has to shy away from the yellow star
Full of its fruit as it feeds the red star
The blue world has begun to grow
No longer a small celestial body
It has begun to grow wings
Sprouting from curious desire
Brought forth by the red star

Then the change came

The wings of the blue world caved in on itself
Enveloping it and caressing its insatiable hunger
The blue world began to birth
As the change unfolded
The blue world became a star of its own
A shining bright blue star
Big enough to dance with the yellow star and red star
The dance continued until the blue star could dance no more
It simply sat between the red star and the yellow star and grew
It grew until it could grow no more
Until it dwarfed the red star and the yellow star
And then silence

Then another birth

The blue star consumed the yellow star and the red star
Absorbing them at an alarming rate
The blue star began to tremble
Full of all it could ever consume

Then the end came

A dazzling explosion of white that filled the darkness
As the blue star died
Shooting in all directions
With one goal in mind

To share all that it was, is and will be

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