27 August 2011

Window Pains

(in honour of Poetry Night)

Sweet syrup tainted by golden nectar
Ashes strewn away unneeded
Yet not discarded with complete disregard
Prose and lyrical waxing filled the air
As did smoke of known origin

There was never 36 burgers
Neither was there 24 chips
The fool had read the order wrong

The rain continued to fall
All a futile affair
And attempt by nature
To distract us

Carol Ann Duffy has gotten fat
We drink anyway
Shocked by the poet with no vices


Tearing down the pariah's tower
Twisted metal with vines growing free
Animals roaming the streets
Stalking prey as intended

The undivided pulled at the lose threads
Of your false governments and maps
Burning it all to the ground in the name of nothing
Rebuilding from the ashes

A return to how we once were
Laughing maniacally as we dared
To press reset
And never look back

Late Night Romance

It was late and the last train in
They had been drinking homemade cocktails
Straight from plastic bottles of anywhere origins
He had the rosey hew of a man that drank from daylight
She wore her alcoholism around her waist like a trophy
They both were bloated and fucked in a not so obvious way

The tickets wouldn't be checked at this inconvenient hour
When people who embodied the label of cunt
Were just looking for a reason to spit a fight
They moved away from me and my touristic drinking
But it did nothing to help the image I held
I had seen her pawing at his unwashed jeans

From two rows down I could hear the release
The zipper chiming in with the rhythmic track
She had as much enthusiasm as the fair vessele we shared
He moaned in approval as she got to work
Slurping noises filled the carriage as she guzzled him whole
Like it was her last meal or probably rent for the night

I wanted to hate them
I envied them instead


Happiness will always be dependant
On belief in a lie and blind faith
Loving a whore will never be truthfull
Just smokescreens and deception
The heart buying the lie
Sold to it at half the price

Fuck the one who made you smile
Who held you when you were sad
Promise yourself to her forever more
Plant a seed together and grow a tree
Sell your soul for a pack of cigarettes
And always look back

Ocean Wave

(a haiku)

Caressing your love
Without a care in the world
Abstinence will win

21 August 2011


I had been cruising slow with the summer breeze
They had all been walking past with worlds of their own
Trapped in my own, all I could do was smile keep moving

The sun had blessed every one with radiant optimism
Short skirts and tops that gave away everything were everywhere
I couldn't help but look, and the last thing I needed was help

The pearl hidden amongst the diamonds walked in front of me
She had everything and more, she could eat, she could drink
With an obvious wink she stole my sight, and won't let go

Red Means Stop

She smiled with bright red lips
Brown eyes shrouded in darkness
Dressed for success
or perhaps just money in the bank

Legs in tights to drive you insane
A flash of chest but not cleavage
More class than most
or perhaps just a winning smile

Returning more than just a smile
Yet nothing more I am reminded
I am surrounded by her and more
but forever alone
with the girl at the train station