13 February 2013

Sugar Coated Eyes

Swallow the sugar coated antidote
Pulling the embers down to the knuckle
Eat the sour slice of cake

Never taking more than you need
Wanting more than you take
Giving everything away for free

Staring into oncoming obstacles
Blood shot eyes of consistency
Blurring it into something timeless

Take a punch to the throat
Fight back with gratitude
She'll never fly again

Not at this rate

4 February 2013

Enchanted Kingdom

The Kings and Queens have been fucking their nearest and dearest
Selling the story to glossy pages
Slipping into static rantings
Multiplying their multiples
Princesses can't help but whore themselves
Selling their minds and body and leaving the heart to rot
Prized pets ripe to be paraded without concern
Draped in the latest fashion to draw the hungry near
Taught not to be educated
Pitchforks of the tongue are ready
Flaming torches unnecessary
Mothers and Fathers of creation long abandoned
God can be purchased or stolen through cables of light
Picked from the air like over ripe fruit
Why bother with depth when copies of copies are accepted
Integrity is unconsequential when the mind can be destroyed
Brothers and Sisters are lost or hiding
Left unchecked the few will continue to dwindle
The horde will always maintain control
Revolution can be the answer
War of Art and Intelligence flowing through empty streets
Invisible casualties won't make headlines
A foreign war on warm home soil
Nothing will change
Resistance will always be present
Dreams of prevailing are futile
Embrace the old with caution and fight for change
Do not be disheartened by a bloated monarchy of prostitution
We are all to blame for an ever present untempered reign