11 December 2014

Raised By Wolves is a Hat Slogan

Sometimes you just get sick

The not so pretty girl being courted
By the obvious human waste
Bragging about being banned
From the prestigious establishments
The McDonalds and supermarkets
For calling people fat and stealing food
Standing by self proclaimed


Of the girl not far from here
Just as inexperienced with the pink
Bobble hat hiding well groomed
Blonde hair and a backpack
That screams transitional youth
Doing her makeup

To the recovering drug addict

You don't need to reveal anything
We all know
Those nights slept rough or for money
And chemical abuse are all too
Recognisable in your skin
The lines of experience and
Sunken eyes of a chequered past

Betray you

All of this is utterly pointless
There's no benefit to this
To these words
A fun distraction and exercise in

Building a quaint little part of the world