25 March 2014

Erroneous Honesty

When I consider all that I am
Everything ugly and deceitful
All my fallacious honesty

My basest needs and desires
Rooted in unlikely lust

Devoid of merit and talent
No distinction beyond existing
Thrusting my existence infinitely
Releasing all that is vile and rancid
Everything evil and hateful
Bursting forth from my core
Burning through pores
Blistering the skin

There is oddity in my odyssey
Through every misplaced vanity
Wanting more or less wants
Secretly and openly
I long to be adored

24 March 2014


We should rejoice and revel in our achievements
Enjoy every last drop of luxury we stole
A society built on faulty foundation
Cracked and corrupted from the start
Success that depends on exploitation
An addict constantly hunting
The fix of creation conjoined with greed
Plundering to satisfy the slovenly
Every resource is finite
The last morsels in sight
Saliva dripping from our chins
We turn on ourselves
And celebrate the privilege

21 March 2014

Player Two

For finding that special soul
The one that was hidden
To help you conquer the castle
Vanquish the megalomaniacal
Defeat and defend in unison
The dragon is slain
Through rainbow brightness
Shades of grey
This is truly special
Let's play more together

16 March 2014


What magical things words are
Alone they can shock and evoke
United they can inspire all
A need to celebrate the human condition
Contemplating the abyss is death
And everything in between

4 March 2014

Black Phantom

If only I could drift through existence so clandestine
Like birds flit through life and death
Seemingly phasing through spinning bicycle spokes
There must be some sort of happiness to be found
In choosing when to be and when not to
To shut it all off without shutting it down
Holiday by the seaside without a care
Being the waves clashing against the world
While languishing as the sandcastle of grandest childhood
The plastic bucket my saviour and creator
Still fighting as the giant robot from my dream
Creased reflections of myself in glorious red and blue
Becoming the weave that connects it all
No more intricate than delicate tapestry
Existing in nothingness and everything
Surely that is the hope that crashes my thoughts
The robot and the sandcastle and the bird through the spokes

3 March 2014

Just Fucking About

Spinning in pointless ferocity
Exponential power a touch away
Discipline has been lost through generations
Expectations and entitlement
We must respect the imposition
Marvel at the beauty
Because everything becomes lost in marked droplets
Fearlessly forming rainbows against the common threat