19 July 2011

She Knows

You don’t care but she does
She’s always there for me
Eyes close when I kiss her sweetly
Lips smile knowingly when we’re done
Her eyes look into mine when we’re together
And they know

You don’t care but she does
To pick me up when I’m feeling blue
Telling me lies to make the fires go away
Changing my colour
Sharing words of deep meaningless and pure romance
Holding my hand when we walk
Knowing that it means everything and nothing

You don’t care but she does
Because she knew what you were like
When you were a bundle of nerves
And self-awareness caught the breath in your lungs
When you drank what she drinks

She kept her promises
We dance every night
In the streets
In the bars
In the bedroom

She hears the music you once heard

15 July 2011

The Women Who Loved Me

I made with the small talk before pulling her in close
We had no pretences about the whole situation
I was there to fuck
She wanted it and I needed to give it
Thoughts of love and the act of making it
Were left far behind

Grabbing her in way that bordered on violent
We knew something was wrong about the whole situation
But it was too late
My lips were locked on hers with serious intent
My hands were finding ways under her clothing
Our tongues danced

Thoughts of excitement crept in too soon
I stared at the wall while concentrating on the job
It wasn’t too late
Moving my hips in time with hers
I felt her grip me as tight as she could
She was there to fuck

Realising that the job had been done many times over
I let myself go and shouted unknown incantations
Falling into her arms
Sweat dripped from our bodies with the deed done
What had happened had no meaning to her
Nothing was real

14 July 2011

July at Night

Piercing through the neon glow of man-made desires
Setting alight a flame that draws lovers like moths
Bathing the world with its purest radiance
The light of the sun that shines at night

Pulling you in unsurpassed by the countless millions
Blinding young hearts and old eyes alike
Putting faith in its providence can be dangerous
But to truly live is to trust it unconditionally

The life it gives to the other side is so enticing
It pulls so hard that oceans bend to its will
Despite divine presence
I can’t help but howl like a demon
Trapped in wolfs clothing

5 July 2011

White Feather

Escaping on a breeze of purest defiance
Laughing in the face of approaching skies
Although it serves no genuine purpose
It can be seen as essential to inspiration

Dancing in the wind with perceived intent
I can’t help but wonder how it chooses where to go
Does it have a sentience that we can’t possibly perceive?
Would it matter if we could?

A mind of its own caged by freedom
Created to sustain a higher purpose
In understanding that it is meant to be part of a whole
It exudes splendid beauty of solidarity

Lost in the void yet existing free of its confines
Performing in secret for all to see
Touching the minds and hearts of the few
A shining example of how to be