15 July 2011

The Women Who Loved Me

I made with the small talk before pulling her in close
We had no pretences about the whole situation
I was there to fuck
She wanted it and I needed to give it
Thoughts of love and the act of making it
Were left far behind

Grabbing her in way that bordered on violent
We knew something was wrong about the whole situation
But it was too late
My lips were locked on hers with serious intent
My hands were finding ways under her clothing
Our tongues danced

Thoughts of excitement crept in too soon
I stared at the wall while concentrating on the job
It wasn’t too late
Moving my hips in time with hers
I felt her grip me as tight as she could
She was there to fuck

Realising that the job had been done many times over
I let myself go and shouted unknown incantations
Falling into her arms
Sweat dripped from our bodies with the deed done
What had happened had no meaning to her
Nothing was real

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