11 December 2014

Raised By Wolves is a Hat Slogan

Sometimes you just get sick

The not so pretty girl being courted
By the obvious human waste
Bragging about being banned
From the prestigious establishments
The McDonalds and supermarkets
For calling people fat and stealing food
Standing by self proclaimed


Of the girl not far from here
Just as inexperienced with the pink
Bobble hat hiding well groomed
Blonde hair and a backpack
That screams transitional youth
Doing her makeup

To the recovering drug addict

You don't need to reveal anything
We all know
Those nights slept rough or for money
And chemical abuse are all too
Recognisable in your skin
The lines of experience and
Sunken eyes of a chequered past

Betray you

All of this is utterly pointless
There's no benefit to this
To these words
A fun distraction and exercise in

Building a quaint little part of the world

19 November 2014

Holding Hands in Different Scenarios

Constantly late when I'm running early
Try to read a little and get lost in
Awkward fantasy requiring eyes closed
Most of the way and a bag to hand
Feeling more or less vividly

Teenagers always have everything worked out
Perfectly down to every futile detail
Wonder if they'll look back and cringe
Probably not

Smiled at the girl with headphones
Got a smile back
Always intrigued to know if a little narcissism would help
Feel sick just picturing it
No smile back today

Close eyes a little less to visualise
Which feels somewhat pointless
Get excited considering a coffee
An obvious distraction

From a Canadian prospective the venue is
Less than innocent which seems odd
Hear the words and feel the movement
Looking into her eyes
Holding hands

18 November 2014

Quite The Opposite of Adrenaline

It doesn't comes close to making sense anymore
I've gained so much of myself that reality has become
So far to be much of a nothingness
I can't wish my pain upon anyone
Trapped within the prison I erected with glial
My own personal glory box
Fucking everything without discretion while
I hide myself away from it all from everyone
To keep myself on the fringe
Comfortable yet in agony
Loving and dreading the attention
Purchasing an early bird ticket
One day I'll have dim lit quiet spaces
To myself and those of my choosing

25 March 2014

Erroneous Honesty

When I consider all that I am
Everything ugly and deceitful
All my fallacious honesty

My basest needs and desires
Rooted in unlikely lust

Devoid of merit and talent
No distinction beyond existing
Thrusting my existence infinitely
Releasing all that is vile and rancid
Everything evil and hateful
Bursting forth from my core
Burning through pores
Blistering the skin

There is oddity in my odyssey
Through every misplaced vanity
Wanting more or less wants
Secretly and openly
I long to be adored

24 March 2014


We should rejoice and revel in our achievements
Enjoy every last drop of luxury we stole
A society built on faulty foundation
Cracked and corrupted from the start
Success that depends on exploitation
An addict constantly hunting
The fix of creation conjoined with greed
Plundering to satisfy the slovenly
Every resource is finite
The last morsels in sight
Saliva dripping from our chins
We turn on ourselves
And celebrate the privilege

21 March 2014

Player Two

For finding that special soul
The one that was hidden
To help you conquer the castle
Vanquish the megalomaniacal
Defeat and defend in unison
The dragon is slain
Through rainbow brightness
Shades of grey
This is truly special
Let's play more together

16 March 2014


What magical things words are
Alone they can shock and evoke
United they can inspire all
A need to celebrate the human condition
Contemplating the abyss is death
And everything in between

4 March 2014

Black Phantom

If only I could drift through existence so clandestine
Like birds flit through life and death
Seemingly phasing through spinning bicycle spokes
There must be some sort of happiness to be found
In choosing when to be and when not to
To shut it all off without shutting it down
Holiday by the seaside without a care
Being the waves clashing against the world
While languishing as the sandcastle of grandest childhood
The plastic bucket my saviour and creator
Still fighting as the giant robot from my dream
Creased reflections of myself in glorious red and blue
Becoming the weave that connects it all
No more intricate than delicate tapestry
Existing in nothingness and everything
Surely that is the hope that crashes my thoughts
The robot and the sandcastle and the bird through the spokes

3 March 2014

Just Fucking About

Spinning in pointless ferocity
Exponential power a touch away
Discipline has been lost through generations
Expectations and entitlement
We must respect the imposition
Marvel at the beauty
Because everything becomes lost in marked droplets
Fearlessly forming rainbows against the common threat

26 January 2014

The Limited Edition Conundrum

Even now failure seems imminent
Where even a place of my own wasn't enough
The little homemade open and close signs
Be right back in 5 minutes
There had to be travel to something new

The metropolis was beyond epic
Store fronts went on for miles with no end
Rooftops appeared to block out the sun
I walked barefoot across fake marble floors
Moving steel steps that nipped at the my feet
Trying to find an end to this madness
Only to find new friends
Who spoke excitedly of old friends
They were performing nearby tonight
Their latest triumph was already upon us
Ripe for the picking since this very morning
I felt so excited yet so foolish
Why didn't I know this already

Walking into a store that dwarfed the others
Thinking of my place with cardboard signs
Isle after isle of everything you could ever need
Or for that matter hope to imagine
I found solace in my old friends new record
Limited edition 1st printing one of few
Just one whole track played in a brand new way
You had to find the right frequency to hear it
A brief moment of brilliance hidden away
I had to have it

The store was a maze but I found my way
The old store keeper had come from China
She did not look pleased to see me
Asked if I was a member
This would cost slightly more than usual
Heavy taxes and fines were incurred
My Limited Edition just quadrupled in price
Before leaving the store I promised to put it back
She accused me of attempting to steal
I lied and said that I wouldn't
Navigating the maze to fail at good intentions
Nearly at the point of redemption I lifted my shirt
Twelve inches to hide away
Faked a return gesture of compliance
Motorised eyes on me as men in uniforms walk past
I hurried to the exit
Almost free
Birthing myself onto the world I begin to run
Men in uniforms appear to multiply

Are they here for me

I run against the flow of a stream of people
Trying to get back to my small corner of the world
This Church of Capitalism
Much like my small corner
Is an illusion conjured by my mind
Much like the Limited Edition whose corners
Stabbing at the fabric of my shirt
My eyes are stirring and it's no longer there

24 January 2014

We Don't Go There Anymore

I pierced your soul without hesitation
A great spear launched through your eyes
Trying to find the fear that must reside within
But all I found was you
Smiling back at me with skin so loose
It didn't hang it slipped away like wet newspaper
A vessel too thin for you to inhabit

I wasn't ready for you to see my weakness
My folly was giving away the opportunity
Resisting the urge to cry out
You didn't advance rather you were just there
Teeth on my face scraping cheek bone
Letting up just enough to allow me to leak out

I had that day dream again
Where my fingers glide as your mind wonders
Under clothes and into the familiar unfamiliar
Softest skin already slick
Just a trace of unclaimed maturity
Leaning your head back
Exposing your neck
A tongue escapes you and toys with my ear

There is no time for day dreaming
She smiles at me and mouths the words I love you
The feeling was unnervingly warm
As my pupils expanded and wrapped over my head
Creating another warm secret place
Another womb to hide from the world

I can't picture a scenario in which I'll be ready
Until then I'll envelop myself in warmth
Feel that reassuring presence
The one that makes me feel uncomfortably good
Consider the end game option

Probably best to keep my guard up
Carry on strafing left and right
Keep things mixed up and don't forget to parry
Gather myself up from the floor when I'm done
Look into fixing this and improving that
All to some sort of end

I assume
But assumptions are for the uncommitted
The drifters that you can get swept away with
A man once told me that nothing beats death
One day I'll prove him right

I have everything and nothing to offer her
Yet I'm pretty sure that's the way she likes it
Care for the emotionally wounded
Dismiss it yet revel in the drama
Such a quaint little torture
I've developed a taste for it

Watching in awe as demons crawl through the walls
Blood thirsty and snarling in an all too obvious way
I'm enthralled at your majesty
The violence is drawing me in
Please hold me closer
Just this once

15 January 2014


You kept appearing unannounced
The apparition that was predictably unpredictable
Standing still in quiet corners
Screaming through whispers when disturbed
That blood stain that won't budge
Shocking red on dead lips
Still dead eyes that shouldn't be
Ready to give me a fright

But it wasn't you who crept up my back
Tormenting me like a monkey on my shoulder

Naked slick yellow skin
Why am I reminded of feathers
A startling white skull
Covered by a bed of fleeting black hair
A mess to frame your scowl

You were furious when I found you
Hiding in the corner of my eye
Scraping away at my back
Feeding on my fears

Suddenly it made sense
The girl with dead eyes doesn't exist
She never did
Only your callousness is real
The demon that won't leave me alone
Waiting until I'm most vulnerable
Taunting me before the sun rises
Leaping from my back into the darkness
Hovering above my closed eyes

Out of sight but still there
Until I face you