26 January 2014

The Limited Edition Conundrum

Even now failure seems imminent
Where even a place of my own wasn't enough
The little homemade open and close signs
Be right back in 5 minutes
There had to be travel to something new

The metropolis was beyond epic
Store fronts went on for miles with no end
Rooftops appeared to block out the sun
I walked barefoot across fake marble floors
Moving steel steps that nipped at the my feet
Trying to find an end to this madness
Only to find new friends
Who spoke excitedly of old friends
They were performing nearby tonight
Their latest triumph was already upon us
Ripe for the picking since this very morning
I felt so excited yet so foolish
Why didn't I know this already

Walking into a store that dwarfed the others
Thinking of my place with cardboard signs
Isle after isle of everything you could ever need
Or for that matter hope to imagine
I found solace in my old friends new record
Limited edition 1st printing one of few
Just one whole track played in a brand new way
You had to find the right frequency to hear it
A brief moment of brilliance hidden away
I had to have it

The store was a maze but I found my way
The old store keeper had come from China
She did not look pleased to see me
Asked if I was a member
This would cost slightly more than usual
Heavy taxes and fines were incurred
My Limited Edition just quadrupled in price
Before leaving the store I promised to put it back
She accused me of attempting to steal
I lied and said that I wouldn't
Navigating the maze to fail at good intentions
Nearly at the point of redemption I lifted my shirt
Twelve inches to hide away
Faked a return gesture of compliance
Motorised eyes on me as men in uniforms walk past
I hurried to the exit
Almost free
Birthing myself onto the world I begin to run
Men in uniforms appear to multiply

Are they here for me

I run against the flow of a stream of people
Trying to get back to my small corner of the world
This Church of Capitalism
Much like my small corner
Is an illusion conjured by my mind
Much like the Limited Edition whose corners
Stabbing at the fabric of my shirt
My eyes are stirring and it's no longer there

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