15 January 2014


You kept appearing unannounced
The apparition that was predictably unpredictable
Standing still in quiet corners
Screaming through whispers when disturbed
That blood stain that won't budge
Shocking red on dead lips
Still dead eyes that shouldn't be
Ready to give me a fright

But it wasn't you who crept up my back
Tormenting me like a monkey on my shoulder

Naked slick yellow skin
Why am I reminded of feathers
A startling white skull
Covered by a bed of fleeting black hair
A mess to frame your scowl

You were furious when I found you
Hiding in the corner of my eye
Scraping away at my back
Feeding on my fears

Suddenly it made sense
The girl with dead eyes doesn't exist
She never did
Only your callousness is real
The demon that won't leave me alone
Waiting until I'm most vulnerable
Taunting me before the sun rises
Leaping from my back into the darkness
Hovering above my closed eyes

Out of sight but still there
Until I face you

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