24 January 2014

We Don't Go There Anymore

I pierced your soul without hesitation
A great spear launched through your eyes
Trying to find the fear that must reside within
But all I found was you
Smiling back at me with skin so loose
It didn't hang it slipped away like wet newspaper
A vessel too thin for you to inhabit

I wasn't ready for you to see my weakness
My folly was giving away the opportunity
Resisting the urge to cry out
You didn't advance rather you were just there
Teeth on my face scraping cheek bone
Letting up just enough to allow me to leak out

I had that day dream again
Where my fingers glide as your mind wonders
Under clothes and into the familiar unfamiliar
Softest skin already slick
Just a trace of unclaimed maturity
Leaning your head back
Exposing your neck
A tongue escapes you and toys with my ear

There is no time for day dreaming
She smiles at me and mouths the words I love you
The feeling was unnervingly warm
As my pupils expanded and wrapped over my head
Creating another warm secret place
Another womb to hide from the world

I can't picture a scenario in which I'll be ready
Until then I'll envelop myself in warmth
Feel that reassuring presence
The one that makes me feel uncomfortably good
Consider the end game option

Probably best to keep my guard up
Carry on strafing left and right
Keep things mixed up and don't forget to parry
Gather myself up from the floor when I'm done
Look into fixing this and improving that
All to some sort of end

I assume
But assumptions are for the uncommitted
The drifters that you can get swept away with
A man once told me that nothing beats death
One day I'll prove him right

I have everything and nothing to offer her
Yet I'm pretty sure that's the way she likes it
Care for the emotionally wounded
Dismiss it yet revel in the drama
Such a quaint little torture
I've developed a taste for it

Watching in awe as demons crawl through the walls
Blood thirsty and snarling in an all too obvious way
I'm enthralled at your majesty
The violence is drawing me in
Please hold me closer
Just this once

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