27 August 2011

Late Night Romance

It was late and the last train in
They had been drinking homemade cocktails
Straight from plastic bottles of anywhere origins
He had the rosey hew of a man that drank from daylight
She wore her alcoholism around her waist like a trophy
They both were bloated and fucked in a not so obvious way

The tickets wouldn't be checked at this inconvenient hour
When people who embodied the label of cunt
Were just looking for a reason to spit a fight
They moved away from me and my touristic drinking
But it did nothing to help the image I held
I had seen her pawing at his unwashed jeans

From two rows down I could hear the release
The zipper chiming in with the rhythmic track
She had as much enthusiasm as the fair vessele we shared
He moaned in approval as she got to work
Slurping noises filled the carriage as she guzzled him whole
Like it was her last meal or probably rent for the night

I wanted to hate them
I envied them instead

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