15 February 2011


Inflicting your radiant light obsessed with colour

in the best way possible

Piercing irises needle deep through pupils

The warmth of your glow breaches every pore

even in darkness

The security of your womb

The enticement of your breast

You howl as if we were the moon

rabid barking chasing us out of our homes

We hear your parables spoken in tongues

You shout louder than anything else

echoes that pain our ears

filling silence with silence

forever on repeat

Our lives are meaningless without you

You preach the words we need to hear

and guide us when we are lost

Without you we have only ourselves

and the words of artists and madmen

The fear of losing you both grips us

squeezing the wheeze from our lungs

freeing us from your grip

We must remain devout

We give praise in our dances and celebrations

sacrificing all to keep you alive

To feel your warmth

We’ll cut our wrists and let our lives bleed

sticky through our fingers

We scream your words from our chests

until our lungs are raw

for all to see

The infidel will reject you

The wise will oppose you

The devout are forever lost

bound by artificial unification


  1. This is my favourite so far, it's good and gritty. Although it has the same title as a Mars Volta song

  2. I know, oddly it wasn't my intention to name it after a Mars Volta song, it was originally going to be called Jehovah, but I preferred the sound and obscurity of Tetragrammaton. Glad you liked it, it's a new one (although I've still got some older stuff I want to post), I got some advice from another poet and decided to have a play with what he suggested and see how it turned out.