11 February 2011

The After Thought

Arriving with greater force
than ever imagined possible
The feelings felt so familiar yet different
You should have expected
everything that was to come and
my expectations that it would be different than the first
were deluded and should have been
put to rest the moment they birthed

Ponderings of why and for what reason
The need for questioning
Somewhat pointless and contrived

A need to feel some pain
In doing so
A need to share unwillingly
Regardless of feelings of spite
there exists a deeper concern over what
could be

With infinite possibilities
the reasons for these parameters
continue to evade comprehension
Yet the cycle is a necessary motion
its beauty exists in its actuation

Accepting that there is nothing left to lose
That even in the darkest of depths
being lost can have its own comfort
the lost will truly evolve
into something greater


  1. i like this one

  2. Glad to hear it, care to share more on what you liked?

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