13 May 2013

Natalie Portman

She spoke to her through bones and skin
Legs across lips
Ever the temptress

Her silhouette a masterpiece
Framed by unnatural glow
The world living and breathing behind them

She knew what she was doing
Leading her astray
Pulling the leash
Blowing a kiss
Whispers escaping her mouth

Caressing her cheek
Beckoning closer
Feeling her lungs against hers
Biting her lobe to know that this is real

She could have sunk her teeth
Pierced her soul
Drank her in

Lips touching
Parting in sweet unison
Looking into each others eyes
Reading the unwritten
Finding the truths that can't be taught

The night is young

Two depart
Safe and aware
Believing in wrong doing
Walking a well known path


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    1. This is by far the most unique comment I've ever received for a piece of poetry.