3 March 2011

Miss Medulla Oblongata

Pull the handgun
Fire an incendiary golden handshake
aimed straight for your moist brain
Blood splattering against walls
used to sign your contract
Fighting in Pollock blotches

Shrapnel digs into your skin
an itch you must scratch
Splintering metal
and bone
The love for the one you chose
held close to your side
deep in their warmth

Pull the trigger
feel your stomach explode
feel your heart stop
feel nothing and everything
Do as you’re told

Swap capitalist gains for prisons
smother yourself in the
Stockholm nightmare
Sell your children’s oxygen tanks
swallowing the razor blade

Medulla Oblongata is a harsh mistress
with vomit on her sleeve
choking cancer in her lungs
and a rhythm to die for
Sell yourself to her for profit
Spend the winnings on the opiate
of splendid design

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