5 March 2011

Counter Girl

Hips that beg to be held close
A curve of truth
Lips moist and sticky
Begging to be caressed
Dark eyes that hold the whole world
Bleeding out to call you in

A smile so sinister yet so innocent
A need to touch through vision
Milk white skin that seeps into your brain
Hair that tells more than there is to be told
A frame for a secret lie
Cheek bones that cut through nerves

In her touch there is a jolt
A walk that caresses the inner most
Perversion through blurring of boundaries
Enticement with no promise
A dance meant for you
And you alone

A volume that deafens
That only can be heard by one
Is shared by many
The lie is exposed
The ignorant will always be happier
To hold inside would be suicide

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