7 March 2011

Failure To Inhale

A hopeless cause
A fallacy
A sense of desperation
A causeless hope

All felt during a sharp inhale of dead space
And a slow inhale of warmth and serenity

Breathe in and breathe slow
Lose yourself inside the abyss
Find comfort and be found
Yet still be lost without reprieve

Still felt on a short inhale
Departure on exhale followed by a cough

Opening a false sense of rebellion
Discarded skin with a necessary husk
Perhaps a need to be accepted
Yet also rejected

Hold on tight
Death is becoming you
Reminder of the past
The memories that fail to die

Closer now than they were before
An imitation of an early exit

Embrace is welcome
Lungs fill as the ashes past and present fall
Hold on tight
Let go

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