29 March 2011

Near To The End of Beginnings

But things were coming to an end
There was nothing you could do
It couldn’t be stopped
Despite your protest it came with warning
The life of old was ending
The unknown had to unfold
Like an uncontainable force

The collision would bring change
As if it knew to do anything more
As if anything else could happen
Sensations from before would wither and die
Like an old plant struggling to find life
In an old baked bean can

The women that had been close have moved on
Found their new loves
As if you weren’t enough
Rubbing salt into your wounds
Making you raw

But the one who sleeps in your bed now
The one who holds you close to their chest
Means so much
Perhaps more

The life she holds is unquantifiable
As if she has created an everyday miracle
Something known but undiscovered

No more will you sit at desks
Questioning the words of others
Leave behind your old skin
Shed it as you must
It had begun to itch anyway

Goodbye to lovers
Be closer my love
Hello to sunshine

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