15 April 2011

Wasted Time

It could be everywhere but you’d never know
Hidden away in the darkest reaches of plain sight
Seeping out of carbon burns on walls
But I see you…
I feel you…

I’m up all night trying to find you
But you’re lost in the vertical worlds
Of known possibilities
But I know you’re there…
I heard all of you move…

If you want to visit and hit me
Please do so with aplomb
I’ll be ready waiting

She said she didn’t want me
Not with her “no”
But with her smile
and her indifferent eyes

A walk lost on the masses
But savoured by the few
All wasted by the need for one
The word is indispensable
My lust for you is not
Your warmth is growing
Pulling me deeper in
The pain is unbearable

You play on repeat in my mind
I need release

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