15 April 2011


This time of hardship we find ourselves in
When nothing makes sense except for the burning
With everything in place wanting to be given
We’re left waiting for you to welcome us in
To be rid of this desire…

To be a part of you again
We need the passion and the gratitude
Treading familiar ground that always has renewed
But you tease us with empty promise
Filling our heads with doubt and regret…

Filling our soul until we bust in futility
Fertile landscapes that keep us caged
All we want is to be free to be who we are
Accept us without exemption or hesitation
We’ll scratch the itch and cleanse ourselves victorious…

We’ll make you scream delightful songs of the past
Agonise over every unintentional precision movement
Dig nails in deep with intent to never let go
Hold your soul and in turn release ours
I know you need us but your indifference scars…

I won’t hold back
We’ll be there for you
Filling the void
To kindle the flame
This repeating last time

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