11 January 2013

Changing Lanes on an Empty Road

Without arms to bring anything closer
Wheezing from your throne
Your castle crumbled down to dust
Pale imitations of hollow ambition

No problem loosening your grip
When all you ever had is greased palms
Blame your creator until she speaks
Keep stealing from your protector

Ask for help to prove you're human
Expect nothing more than compliance
Keep your pockets warm with paper
Watch the pennies on those cold nights

Loneliness won't keep you awake
Just repeat the verse in time
"I can't love anyone else"
Stoke the hurt to keep it alive

How did you hear the words I uttered without sound?
You stopped the moving images that played on repeat
The flashing of scenery in a moving car
That feeling of touch that wouldn't go away

The shell that fell to the shore
Now resting in my stained palm
Somehow you blew down my deck of cards
Unceremoniously calling his bluff

I can see dew drops falling from blades of grass
Light moving through window panes
Thoughts forming before they exist
Bluebirds returning early for spring

All I have is feeling in my heart
Fleeting concern over empty pockets
Friends who won't give up
A place to rest my head and reason to see daybreak

and drive for what's next

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