10 December 2011

Bitter Shits

It was me all along who didn't belong
I had borrowed an idea that I didn't own
I had tried to make shapes fit in the wrong holes
and force keys into the wrong doors
Making a story out of it all

Trying to switch the purpose around
To find paradigms that felt right
Swallowing lies at wholesale prices
that won't stop going up
Selling bullshit in uniform precision

People who know less than me who want more
Another life that better fits in with Saturday nights
Huddled around a TV set of throwaway memories
and endless chains of clothing retailers
Selling unique identity to the lowest bidder

Parents warning their children of the dangers
Hidden in the dying written word
Fake breasts and good teeth can sell your children
absolutely anything
You buy them lies

but I'm just a bitter old shit who likes nothing more
than to call you out
behind false identity
behind the farce you wanted to see
but don't trouble yourself over any of this

Like I said
It was me all along who didn't belong

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