12 June 2011

Burnt Beauty Queen

Your ugliness seethed through to the surface
Mocking you under a cement thick layer of lies
The false goddess of the make believe nightmare
A perversion of the capitalists on TV

Sell it for cheap because you won’t get more
Want far more than you think you need
Make them buy your greed and envy you more
Advertise it on two hundred channels

But don’t feel bad about it at all
I see your beauty hidden below slipping armour
I’ll look after you when he or she leaves
We all know you’re human
…after all


  1. Not sure I like the first two stanzas, but they aroused something so I guess you've done your job...

    Third one is very good

  2. Honestly not one of my best (for this month I was far more fond of Pocket Watch), but glad that "I aroused something"...

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  4. agreed, I couldn't get an ascii 2 thumbs up image to work on this, so I left it blank